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 My target is to make software completely smoothly, so that there aren't any problems.
    If you email me then I will do my best to resolve the situation.

Science Content

As you'd expect, I've carefully crafted the content of Review.   I have tried to find a balance between readability, the need to teach an extensive scientific vocabulary, and the precision required of students in their responses.   If you do have an issue with either the words i've chosen or my approach to the science itself, then please do let me know.


Tablets and phones have been a whole new world for me!   I've transferred Review to run on these devices, and I think that these are the platforms that it has been waiting for all along.    The app lends itself very well to taps and touches, and even I think that Review looks really beautiful on an iPad!

If you are having problems, let me know.   This will give me a chance to sort them out, and then  the automated Apple and Google update services can do the rest.